Question: Where Should I get Breakfast or Brunch in Dunedin Florida?

Answer: Home Plate on The Trail is a great option! Think back to the sights and smells of grandma’s kitchen. Wooden cabinets and shelving with all different shapes and sizes of pots and pans. Racks of seasonings and cabinets filled with fine china and place settings. The smell when you walk in is robust and mouthwatering. You can smell the hickory bacon, fried eggs, and sweet onions. You’re welcomed with open arms and a big smile by some of Dunedin’s friendliest people, you can’t help but smile.

Cindy Phillips, the owner of Home Plate, sat down with us to share her passion and love for her restaurant and community. After being asked why choosing to have her restaurant in the small community, she responds with “The people here in Dunedin, the Chamber of Commerce, our Government, everybody here works so well together. And there’s just unity. I’m so blessed to have the Toronto Blue Jays right across the street with the Dunedin Library… The people here, the atmosphere, it’s just really wonderful.” You can see how Cindy really appreciates the people in her community and is passionate about providing her customers an excellent experience. A notable feature about Cindy’s personality is that she is personable! You’ll often find her chatting with the diners and even joining them at their table talking and engaging. This is truly something unique about Cindy Phillips.

If you haven’t tried their food at Home Plate, you must go now! During the episode we tried their famous lobster benedict, their fresh fruit cup, and their omelette du jour- the Greek! All of which was amazing, and the lobster benedict won our vote for best dish! If you’re feeling thirsty, you’re in the right place with various mimosa and bloody mary options along with teas and sodas- don’t forget the water!

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Until next time, stay delightful Dunedin!

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