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What You Receive

  1. HD Video Production
  2. Six Social Media Shout Outs
  3. Detailed Directory Listing- 1 Year
  4. 6° Exclusive Networking Events
  5. Dunedin Dollars ROI Tracking System
  6. Admission to 6° Community Events
  7. Press Release- Media Exposure



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What is 6° Dunedin?

We’re a marketing company that creates videos for Dunedin business owners highlighting their story, passion, and their unique offerings available to the community. The 6° Dunedin Show is a weekly social media show that both residents and potential visitors to the community watch discovering how delightful Dunedin really is

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Madison Thayer


Madison is a Florida native and has been a Dunedin resident of over two decades. She considers Dunedin to be her happy place and home. After she Graduated Dunedin High School in 2010, Madison went into her family’s business locally in Dunedin. Her background is in Child Development and really enjoys studying marketing. After Madison discovered network marketing, it changed her life. Making connection in the community is what she does and after watching so many professionals succeed in business, she quickly discovered that video is one of the most powerful ways to let people know about your message. Video captures everything, especially passion. This started as a video project that’s turning into a business that positively impacts people’s lives. Although she’s been in the community for a long time, she hasn’t been everywhere and hasn’t met everyone. Dunedin has developed greatly over the past couple decades and as your host of the show, she’s excited to be exploring her hometown along with you. Personally, Madison enjoys traveling- she’s visited several European Countries like France, Spain, and Germany. She loves to be outside near the water which is why the close pristine beaches nearby make residing here great. Her true passion is people and seeing the succeed gives her true fulfillment.


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Benefits of Being Featured on the 6° Dunedin Show

  • HD Video Production
  • Six Social Media Shout Outs
  • Admission to 6° Community Events
  • Press Release- Media Exposure

What Happens After I Apply?

Meet and Greet / Location Visit / Walk-through
Video Shoot
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august, 2020

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